Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cross Check Secret Code

Here's a question that I'm frequently asked:
I have a question that's been bugging me for a while now. When boarding and deplaning, I always here this "secret code" the cabin crew says on the PA. Cross-check and report.  1R1R, 1L1R, etc.
Maybe your airline says different things, I just happened to remember what was said on my last flight (US Airways). I would be really grateful if you could clarify this mystery for me (or at least give me some hints if it's a professional secret) =)
This really isn't a secret code designed to keep passengers in the dark.  It's a shorthand way for crew members to advise other crew members that the door for which they have responsibility has been armed or disarmed.  What this means is that the emergency evacuation slide at their door has been engaged or disengaged and it is safe to push back for take off or open the door for deplaning.  Different airlines have different phrases for what is said, but it's all communicating the same information.
Glad I could de-mystify the "secet code."  I only wish that it was something more interesting.
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Fred said...

Thanks a bunch for answering my question! You're awesome =)

Traytable said...

ha one captain who used to fly for my airline would say "arm doors and cross-dress" (but only on the interphone!) :p

Astroprof said...

Oh, so that's the secret code! I had thought that it was a code for the flight attendant's to tell each other that there was a really hot guy sitting in my seat. ;)

Yeah, I wish.

Fly Girl said...

Fred: You're quite welcome! I'm happy to answer most questions.

Astroprof: No, we have a different code to point out the really hot guys! :-)

Traytable said...

fly girl.... heh heh heh... >:)