Thursday, March 09, 2006

Airline Computerization

Most aspects of the airline industry have been computerized. However, whether it's the passenger experience, or the employee one, it can be frustrating when glitches occur.

As an employee, we rely on the computer systems to submit our bids (the process by which we get our monthly schedules), check to see our flight information, make trip trades, keep current on operations, etc. It is a vital part of our operations, and one that company wants to expand. Increased automation means decreased costs.

Today I have been unable to log into my work account for several hours. It's not a server failure or planned maintenance. Calling the help line just results in a recorded message saying that service is unavailable. No explanation. No estimate of when things might be working again. No "sorry for the inconvenience, please check back later" message.

Problems occur, of course. But this experience doesn't leave me feeling very favorable about implementing new systems when the current ones can't be maintained.

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