Sunday, March 26, 2006

Airlines are Hiring

Despite some pretty economically troubled times, it appears that employment prospects for airline workers are the best they've been in post 9-11 era. 
It's a little too soon for a full scale celebration, as there are still plenty out-of-work former airlines employees, and the increase in jobs will certainly not pick up all the slack.  Additionally, the salary scales have been slashed and burned, meaning the jobs that are available will be at greatly reduced salaries.
You need a score card to keep track of which airlines are hiring and which are laying off workers.  Although it's hard to get an accurate assessment, if you're looking to join the airline industry, this may be a good time to do so. 


Anonymous said...

If you have been working full time in the airline industry, how hard is it to get into completely different professions? Is your experience considered worthwhile to other professions?

I work in the computer industry. For the true geek stuff, academic background is mostly irrelevant but having it is good (ie we care little about what people's degrees are in, just that they have one. The best programmer I knew had a degree in psychology). The companies also employ lots of "people persons" who do things like sales and business development.

JoeyC said...

Depends a LOT on your position. Were you a customer service, or ramp rat? If you're a baggage handler, and you apply for a job at Gottshalks as a cashier, the experience doesnt count... they care how good you were with people, not leather bags.


JetBlue is hiring at a record 10 employees per day. I'd say nows a good time to apply. Aside from that, most large-scale airlines (UAL) are recalling, and I *believe* Delta is re-merging its SONG crew with its mainline crew, because all of the SONG crew were simply furloughed DL crewmembers.

Just note that if you're applying at SWA, JetBlue, AirTran, etc, you're cool.

If you're applying at United, DL, American, etc, note that they are recalling crew back (those that wish to be recalled), and they do have priority over new hires.


Fly Girl said...

Sometimes skills are transferable, sometimes not. And people who have the flexibility of working as a flight attendant (and are happy doing it) are rarely going to find satisfaction in a 9-5 world.

Another sad reality is the issue of age. For many people who've been in the airline industry for years, and who are "of a certain age," it will be hard to find other employment. Perhaps not outright age discrimination (illegal), but the reality is that it will be hard to find meaningful employment.