Thursday, March 09, 2006

He'll Buy Me a Drink

I was working the beverage cart on my last trip, and stopped at a row to take orders and pour beverages. 
An attractive, well-dressed woman ordered a glass of wine, and said that her husband was sitting behind her and that he'd pay for both of their drinks.  I served her the wine, finished up the rest of the row, and moved on to the next one.
I said to her husband that the beautiful woman sitting in front of him had said that he'd buy her a drink.  He said of course, and ordered one for himself as well. 
Later in the flight as we passed through with the beverage cart again, the woman said once again that her husband would take care of paying for her beverage.  When I served the husband again, I said that his wife had another glass of wine. 
All of a suddent there was silent.  No response at all.  There was a strange look on his face.  He said very solemnly, "I don't have a wife."
The woman sitting ahead of him heard and turned around.  She looked shock, and seemed speechless as well.  Turns out that her husband had moved another row back to accommodate a family that was trying to sit together.  The person sitting behind her was a stranger. 
She was terribly embarrassed that she had told me a stranger would buy her a drink.  The stranger, however, was quite willing to do so.  Her husband remained oblivious to the whole thing.
Who knows.  This may be a new way to meet someone on an airplane.
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Queen of Sky said...

See, I would have thought it was planned.

-Q of S

Flygirl said...

How funny!