Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tall Enough

Most U.S. airlines have done away with a minimum height requirement to be hired as a Flight Attendant.  Instead, they rely on the catchall concept that you need to be tall enough to do the job, which will include opening and closing overhead bins in the cabin and storage compartments in the galley.

I’ve always wanted to be tall, but I’m just pretty average.  According to Tall or Not, I’m the same the same height (5’6”) as:  Bridget Fonda, Twiggy, Teri Hatcher, Winston Churchill, Spike Lee, and James Cagney.

Via Jack and Hill.


Anonymous said...

Some of us are tall enough to grovel in the overhead lockers while seated :-) (On the smaller planes anyway)

And then I get the bonus of headrests being at the bottom of my neck (ie neither a 'head' nor a 'rest')

Anonymous said...

You're perfect. Tall girls are freaks.

Paul said...

I don't know, I don't mind what height a girl is, but often a girl won't date someone shorter than they are so it can really limit who you can choose from. I'm 6', so its not generally a problem for me, but I did date a girl who was 6'3 and it was a little unusual ... especially when she wore heels!

Flygirl said...

I always tell people my job makes me feel tall...I can almost reach the ceiling in that tiny regional jet! :) Your taller than me...I'm a whopping 5'3...which puts me pretty much under everyone on your tall or not list. :)

JoeyC said...

I'm 6 foot 4 inches.

A whole 4 inches taller than John Travolta, 2 inches shorter than Michael Jordan.

I am the same size as Abraham Lincoln. Yay! All I need is the beard!


You never cease to amuze me!

I remember the days at DL, non-reving on a CRJ... EEEK!

I've been known to touch the "Exit" lights more than a few times.

With Much Love to all-