Monday, March 20, 2006

Update: Inflight Cell Phone Use

Today in the Sky has provided an update on the topic of potential inflight cell phone usage. 

Passengers are overwhelmingly said NO to inflight use in a USA Today poll.  So, writer Ben Mutzabaugh took the idea a step further and asked the airlines themselves what they plan to do.  His article today lists responses from most of the major airlines, including my carrier, so you can scroll through and see what your favorite plans to do.

One lesson learned from these responses is that the airlines are at least saying that they will be listening to their passengers to see what they want.  Whether they do what passengers want, or whether they go where they think the money will be, remains to be seen. 

I think it's time to start letting the airlines know what you think.


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Genevieve said...

I think I would go nuts if I was stuck on a long haul flight near some person who was talking about nothing for years on end. It is bad enough when I am on a train or a bus and you are subjected to someone saying over and over again. "I am on the bus/train. Nah I am just bored." One time I was on a train (a three hour ride) and a passenger in front of me called 10 of his family members and proceeded to have the same conversation 10 times. It was as if he had a script. By the sixth time I knew when he was going to pull out his "and then I had to fix the ski lift story" and do a click with his tongue when saying a smarty-pants remark. If I was a flight attendant and had to listen to all of these conversations I would ingest the entire drinks cart.

Fly Girl said...

I hear you!

When I use my cell, I try so hard to be considerate, and if people are around try to minimize their exposure to my conversation. I do this for their benefit as much as my privacy.

I know that I have not always been successful at this, but at least I try.

I shudder to think about the inconsiderate, loud-talkers that we'd see if cell phones were allowed. After a cross-country trip listening to some blowhard, I'd be right there drinking that beverage cart with you!