Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Uniform Styles

Courtesy of Gridskipper, comes this post about what would make a good flight attendant uniform ( You can find the photos and commentary of proposed designs for uniforms via a link on that site, or go directly to:

As someone who wears a uniform every day to work, I’d offer my two cents worth.

The Red Dress (Richard Tyler for Delta): I love red. I wear red well. I know too many other people for whom this is not true, and a uniform is about finding something that works well for the overwhelming majority of flight attendants. This dress is also cut too low in the front; practically guaranteeing that it will gap for those who are large busted and will flop open for those who aren’t. The tie belt is likely to get caught on something and the ¾ sleeves are going to be a bit too chilly for working an all night flight (meaning a sweater would be worn over the dress, thereby eliminating all of its cuteness). Overall: cute dress, impractical uniform.

The Black Quasi-Suit (Kate Spade for Song): Not bad, although the green belt thing is a little odd. The ¾ sleeves are again a problem though, and this time wearing a sweater over it will not be an option. Overall: neutral.

The Red Bow Dress (Christian LaCroix for Air France): Cute! As long as the airline does individual tailoring to get a precision fit, this is a marvelous option. Maybe that’s happening with foreign carriers who are subsidized by their governments, but it’s not happening for U.S. carriers. This means that this beautiful garment is going to look fabulous on 5% of the work force, and will just hang and look like hell on everyone else. Overall: Gorgeous, but impractical.

The Traditional Suit (Debbie Chuchat for Air Canada): This suit can be worn by anyone, regardless of shape or size, and this is important. The turned up cuff, and nipped in waist, tries to give it a little fashion appeal, although again, I question whether the nipped in waist will really be tailored for each individual flight attendant. Overall: Nothing wrong with it. But nothing really right about it either.

The Light Colored Suit (Gianfranco Ferre’ for Korean Air): Most impractical in such a light color. Even on dark colors, at the end of a flight we are spot- cleaning Coke, tomato juice and who knows what else in the way of spills. Overall: This suit wouldn’t make it through one flight, let alone a multi-day trip.

The Other Traditional Suit (Julien McDonald for British Airways): Traditional looking with clean lines and slight tailoring at the waist, this will look good on anyone. It’s practical, yet has style without details to date the look. It looks like a uniform, which, after all, is the point. The look commands authority without looking frumpy. Overall: This one got my vote!

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Anonymous said...

hiya..would you know anywhere i can see pictures of flight attendant uniforms, i am looking for the a photos of the 94-2004 air canada uniform and the new one