Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jumpseat Library

Most Flight Attendants are readers. Newspapers, magazines, books, it really doesn’t matter. When we finish with what we’re reading, we leave it behind for other Flight Attendants in the jumpseat. We call this the Jumpseat Library.

While doing a little online surfing today, I came across I Guess We’ll Just Have to Adjust written by Sharelle, from Toronto, Ontario. She has a wicked sense of humor, and an eye for the absurdities in life.

On her site today, she shared information about a project called BookCrossing . The basic theory is that after you read a book, you “release” it into the world for another reader to find. Before doing so, you register the book at the BookCrossing site and list exactly where you are planning to leave it. This will generate an ID number, which, when the book is “found” will allow the finder to enter the ID number on the website and learn about the book’s journey to date. The site lists over 400,000 books traveling around the world, and you can search for a book that may be waiting to be found in your city.

I’m reading a borrowed book right now, but the next time that I have a book that I can pass on, I’ll be using the BookCrossing site to send it on it’s journey. Who knows? The book may wind up traveling more miles than I do.


number4of5 said...

I really like this idea. I found a few books in my area, but they were dropped a few weeks ago.

Sharelle said...

Cool! Thanks for liking my blog, it's nice to know someone is reading it. Hope you come back soon!

Anonymous said...

"I’ll be using the BookCrossing site to send it on it’s journey". Mmmmm sounds that a nasty apostrophe got in the wrong place honey. Otherwise your texts are PERFECT and the blog very interesting and well written. I got sent here by Queen of Sky and I'll return here for sure. Keep the good work!