Saturday, September 03, 2005



Passengers hate them. It means that they are late arriving for a business meeting, starting their vacation, or inconveniencing family or friends. It means they get to their destination a little more tired, weary and disheveled. They are no longer at their best, good humor have flown out the window hours before.

Flight attendants hate them as well. It means that we are late going into our crew rest, which often means that we return to work with little sleep. It may mean that our workday has been extended to 12-14 hours, with no breaks, not even for meals. It may mean that we are late returning home to our families and friends. It means that we are working a little more tired, weary and disheveled. We are no longer at our best, good humor having flown out the window hours before.

Nobody on either side of the traveling equation wants a delay. We work hard to make sure they don’t happen, and when they do, we work even harder to make the best of a bad situation. Unfortunately, delays are simply a fact of life in a world governed by both human and Mother Nature.

This holiday weekend, when more of you are out traveling rather than reading this blog, crowded airports, oversold flights, cancellations, delays, and even jammed highways, and parking lots, will be the norm. I hope you will pack some patience, good humor, and kindness along with your other carryon items. It will serve you, and those around you, well.


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