Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Sometimes you have the nicest people on your airplane. Take today, for instance. A very nice couple was seated in the forward part of the aircraft. For the entire flight they sat in their seats reading, accepting what was offered them without complaint or special requests. They were polite and friendly, and not the least bit demanding.

About an hour before we were scheduled to land, the gentleman approached me in the galley and said he had a favor to ask. Since it was getting near the end of a very long day, I was a little apprehensive about what he might want.

He explained that he and his wife were on the flight as part of a vacation to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. He waxed poetic for quite a few moments as he told me all about his wife, and how fortunate he was to have her in his life. He then reached in his pocket and brought out a jewelry box, showing me a beautiful (and large) diamond necklace that he had bought to give to her.

“I’d like to find a way to give this to her that would surprise her,” he said, and asked if I had any suggestions. With a big smile on my face, I assured him that I could think of something. After all, these are the kind of favors that flight attendants love to grant.

I went to first class and got a couple of wine glasses and some champagne. I draped a small tray with a linen napkin, placed the bottle of champagne and glass onto it, and placed the jewelry box on the tray next to everything. With all the other flight attendants surreptitiously looking on, I walked up to the couple and said that I had a surprise for them. As I sat down the tray, the wife could only see the champagne, as the jewelry was tucked behind the bottle.

“May I pour you a glass of champagne?” I asked. She smiled brightly, and said of course. As I picked up the bottle to pour, she saw the jewelry box. I smiled and said, “that is for you as well.” I finished pouring the champagne as she opened the box and saw the necklace.

With tears in her eyes, she turned to her husband for a kiss, and whispered her thank yous to him.

I returned to the galley and the other flight attendants who had been watching the entire time. There were tears in more than one set of eyes.

To that special couple: Happy Anniversary!


DayByDay4-2Day said...

It is great to know that there are couples in the world who have a great marriage.

Traytable said...

Nice passengers are the BEST!!

Lovely story, I hope they are very happy for many more years =)