Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blogs I'm Reading

I love reading other blogs. I keep up with business and world events, and read the requisite blogs that keep me informed. But I also have some deliciously guilty pleasures. The stuff I read because it makes me smile, or reflect, or laugh. Good writers, good people, good times.

Here are some of the other non-business blogs that are currently on my not-to-be-missed list. And remember, I'm always looking for a few (more) good blogs.

Queen of the Sky. ( This one-time Delta Flight Attendant was fired for posting supposedly risqué photos on her blog.

Greek Tragedy. ( A single 30-year-old’s view of life and love in New York City. Filled with fun and angst.

Manolo’s Shoe Blog. ( Shoes. Need I say more?

The Princess Diaries. ( A New Orleans woman working in NYC.

This Fish Needs a Bicycle. ( Written by an independent feminist who is not afraid to admit that she needs a man in her life.

Trashionista. ( All about chick lit, which is the perfect travel and layover read.

Waiter Rant. ( Discover life through the eyes of a waiter in NYC.


Rachel said...

manolo's and chick lit! Two of my favorite things. I will check them both out! thanks for the shout out to my blog as well!

Fly Girl said...

And now all we need is a bottle of a fine red wine and we'll be set to go!

I'm glad that your family continues to recover from Katrina. It sounds like it's going to be a long road ahead of them.

My pleasure to tell everyone about your blog. I got turned on to it by a friend, and am happy to do the same.