Wednesday, February 15, 2006

UPDATE: Ryanair Fires Back

Was it true?  Or staged?

That's the questions apparently being batted about after the airing of "Ryanair:  Caught Napping."  The program had been billed as an expose of the day-to-day operations of Irish budget carrier, Ryanair. 

Now, amidst rumors of legal action being taken by the airline, there's lots of discussion about what REALLY happens at Ryanair.  The company claims that the expose' was staged, exaggerated, and blown out of proportion, and is reportedly considering filing suit.  The television station is standing by its reporting of slipshod practices at the airline.

Any flight attendant can tell you that shortcuts are taken.  It's necessary, practical, and most of the time it's not a big deal.  It goes with the territory.  Some shortcuts, however, should never be taken. 

Which, if any, were going on at Ryanair air, I'll leave for you to decide. 

Read the story as reported in the Belfast Telegraph.


Thanks Sandra for the follow up.

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