Friday, February 17, 2006

Questions & Answers

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a questions and answer piece, and they’ve been stacking up in my inbox.  I’ll try to answer a few of them now:

Have you ever had any air marshals onboard your flight?  Have you seen their guns?  How do you know who they are?
Yes.  No.  The whole details about how many air marshals are in the program and when, where and how they travel is confidential.

Have you ever dated a passenger that you’ve met on a flight?

Have you ever dated a pilot?

You seem to beat up on people with PDA’s.  Do you own one?
No; part of me would like to, though.  And I know when to turn it off.

Can you recommend a good hotel in ______________ (fill in the blank with the name of a city)?
I’d rather not turn this site into a forum on hotels, city tours, etc.  There are lots of other blogs and website that focus on that travel niche.  Once in awhile I may include something, but that it not the direction I want my writing to go in.  Contact me privately, though, and I may be able to help you out.

Would you like to have lunch/dinner/drinks with me next time you’re in my city?
First of all, I need to determine who you are, where you live, and do a little vetting to make sure you’re not wanted in any jurisdiction.  There is such a thing as personal safety, you know.  Seriously, if you’re a crewmember and would like to meet up, shoot me an email.

That’s it for this time.  If there’s something you’d like to know about YuHu Stewardess, send me an email and I’ll try to answer it promptly.


Robert Konigsberg said...

The whole details about how many air marshals are in the program and when, where and how they travel is confidential.

Confidential to you as well?

This reminds me: Sometime about, oh, 6-9 months ago, I was flying SJC-LAX. Waiting on line to speak with a Southwest representative at SJC, a large, heavy man walked straight up to the counter, ignoring the line. The agent pointed to the back of the line and told him (politely and firmly) to get on line. Then the man pulled something out of his pocket (almost certainly ID) and he was told, once more, to get in the back of the line, so he did.

Now I'm no fool, right? That was an air marshall. And if I pointed it out, could I be arrested, or is that just paranoid folklore?

All the Hardways said...

For the comment above, the heavy-set guy was probably drunk and lost, looking for directions from the check-in folks. Aren't air marshalls supposed to blend into the crowd and not make themselves known unless a situation arises for them to do so? So jumping in line and making a scene wouldn't really fit into the picture. Another thing, why would an air marshall really be needed on any Southwest flight, okay maybe for their "non-stop, long-haul" LAX to PHL flights? But here, especially between SJC and LAX? They're 737s and for that short of a segment, they really shouldn't be needing to haul around that much fuel anyway. Fuel at SJC isn't that cheap compared to LAX... Hmmm, or maybe the guy was an air marshall and was "commuting" to work, needing to get a seat on any flight to LAX.

Fly Girl said...

Robert: The whole program is confidential, and so the less I say about it the better. Obviously, though, I would have more information than passengers about what is happening on my flight. I doubt very much that the situation you described was an air marshall situation. I can think of many other things that it could have been, but it's all just speculation.

All the Hardways: I don't know why or how flight selections are made. That's all part of the confidential nature of the program.

Robert Konigsberg said...

Very good points.