Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rolling Stones at Halftime

I’ve been watching the Super Bowl half time show, and 60-something Mick Jagger prancing around like he was 20-something again.

As part of the British invasion of the 60’s, that was supposed to corrupt America’s teens with their provocative music and lyrics, they seem to have aged as well as could be expected.

Am I the only one, however, who is chuckling that the Stones are now considered “safe” entertainment for the half time show?


JoeyC said...

So long as there arent any wardrobe malfunctions, I'm cool!

"omis" said...

Actually, ABC censored a few words from their songs, including "cock," which is used in it's meaning of "rooster" in one of their songs.

"omis" said...

AceMakr said...

I thought the haltime show was awful.