Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Paul, a U.K. correspondent for IAG Blog, writes that he broke the Ryanair story, and says that it is getting lots of attention. 
Check out what Channel 4 has to say about the program, as well as read what passengers have to say.  To get the other side of the story, check out what Ryanair has to say about everything, including copies of their correspondence to Channel 4.
I have a feeling this story isn't going away any time soon.
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Editor said...

Hi Fly - very grateful indeed, but it was a case of being the point man on this. I think a lot of folk in the UK would have spotted this one coming. Always nice to hear praise though. I will try and keep you updated if you like? The latest from Ryanir is the publication of supportive customer correspondence here and I find my sympathy for Ryaniar ebbing away. Per-lease guys, just forget it. The more a man doth protest, the more doth he be suspicious!

Fly Girl said...

I'm with you, Paul. If I were running Ryanair, I'd move onto something that would generate some postitive publicity and make this story very old news.

Still, it's a bit like a train wreck for us voyueurs -- you just gotta watch what happens next.

Keep us all in the loop, please.