Saturday, February 18, 2006

Comida Cubana, Por Favor

If you live in, or are familiar with Miami, maybe you can help me out.

Some friends will be traveling to Miami for an upcoming conference and want recommendations on where to go for Cuban food.  I think they will be staying in the greater South Beach area, and they will be relying on public transportation or a taxi for transportation.

Email me with your suggestions.  



"omis" said...

How did the DC restaurant excursion go for your friend?

Fly Girl said...

Did not yet occur, primarily due to weather issues. Has been rescheduled, and I'll post her decision and a brief review when I get the details.

Brent O. said...

I live on South Beach, so I guess I should pipe up! The tourists make a stop at David's Cafe at 1654 Meridian. It's alright, but to get your money's worth, don't go into the main entrance on Meridian. There are 3 entrances, each with a different experience. The main entrance is a nice sit-down restaurant, the street-front coffee stand serves a few sandwiches, but for the best deal, go in the side door next to the parking lot. It's a diner-style atmosphere with a different (cheaper) menu, and you get to actually watch your food being prepared.

I should say, though, that I'm not the world's biggest fan of Cuban food - it's surprisingly bland, especially compared to other Latin American cuisine. If you can only eat one meal on South Beach, don't do it at David's. Instead, just stop at David's streetside window after your meal and get a Cuban coffee - it's espresso with tons of sugar. That's the best part of the Cuban experience.

There are tons of amazing restaurants on South Beach around David's Cafe. Let me know what your friends are into (Italian, French, sushi, etc) and I can recommend a good spot.

Also, if you want to save some $$$, go between 5pm and 7pm. There are crazy early bird specials. My favorite French place, La Papillon, has an early bird special: a bottle of wine, two entrees, two appetizers, and two desserts for $39. Great food.

Not that it matters, but my girlfriend's a former ExpressJet dispatcher going to school here in Miami to be an air traffic controller. If there's anything we can help out with, let us know!