Friday, February 17, 2006

Passenger Chatter

I had a passenger onboard  today who came to the galley and wanted to chat.  About nothing.  Endlessly.
Here's how I wanted to respond.
Can anyone relate?


Flygirl said...

Seriously...I'm still laughing. That was awesome! I want to say that so many times too! :)

Robert Konigsberg said...

Oh yes!

So here's the ignorant passenger question: can't you do anything like escape up the aisle? Or is that merely no kind of escape?

Oh man.

Astroprof said...

How about telling him that he was not supposed to be in the galley area?

Anonymous said...

You should know better: you are in your 20s (if I remember correctly) and blonde. I'm sure you're attractive too. You should expect people to invent excuses just to be around you ;-)

Fly Girl said...

flygirl: I thought it was hysterical, too. Now, if I could just find a way to take it with me where ever I go.

Robert: Yeah, there are things that we can do, however, I was hungry and trying to get my lunch ready to eat. All kidding aside, I really do hate to be rude.

Astroprof: He was standing just outside the galley and the seatbelt sign was off, so there wasn't really anything official I could do. I just sort of hoped he'd get the message and I didn't continue the conversation. I was wrong.

Anonymous: Thanks, I think. It really doesn't happen all that often that people want to hang around and get to know you. Despite the fantasy of it all, passengers just don't ask us out all that often.

Chickadee said...

OHHHH my Gawd. I will speak from the passenger to passenger point of view. A few years ago I was flying from Minneapolis,MN to Fairbanks AK, probably about a 5 hour flight.

I brought a few books along with me and was prepared for the long flight. Then this yahoo sits next to me and decides he wanted to talk just about the whole frickin' time. Yes, despite the fact that I buried my nose in my book he insisted on talking.

I wanted to tell him to shut the f#ck up. Argh.