Monday, August 15, 2005

Who Wants to be a Flight Attendant?

The job of a Flight Attendant is not exactly what everyone seems to think that it is: glamorous, a fun work environment with attentive (and sexy) pilots, a joy to be in as you interact with attractive and interesting (and sexy) passengers. Yes, at times the job is all that. Yet so much more.

People come to the job for a variety of reasons. For some, it's a life long dream, the lure of travel. For others, it's a dropping out of the rat race career change. Whatever the reason, once on the job most people find that the lifestyle sucks you in, and you never shake it.

Getting hired on as a Flight Attendant at a major airline is not an easy task. It is not uncommon for over 500 people to show up at a cattle call interview. These numbers get pared away, until eventually 25-30 remain. The process is as much about interviewing skills and personality as it is about having the job skills required. Quite frankly, if you can successfully make it through a flight attendant interview, you can likely sail through any ivy league college interview.

Once you've been identified as a potential candidate, you are put through a medical exam which includes drug screening. The industry has zero tolerance for illegal drug use, so if you need your Saturday blow, this is not the job for you! Only after successfully passing these screenings are you slotted into a training class.

Throughout this process, people are constantly telling you how selective Anonymous Airlines is, and how great you are to have gotten this far into the process. You are reminded how many hundreds of people applied for the one position which you currently occupy. At every step of the way you learn how prestigious and selective Anonymous Airlines is, and you begin to believe how very special you must be if they want to hire you. Visions of glamour and excitement dance through your head. You hold your head a little higher, walk a little lighter, smile a little brighter. You know just how special you are.

This will change soon. Because you are about to begin flight attendant training.

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