Sunday, August 28, 2005

Marry Me, Fly for Free

One of the big perks of the job of a flight attendant is travel. Pass benefits usually extend to our spouses, dependent children, and parents, and in some cases domestic partners.

Usually, pass travel on your own carrier is at no cost, which means if you are married to a flight attendant you fly for free. (NOTE: some carriers charge a small service charge.) There are also reduced rates of travel on other carriers, which can range from great deals to more than it would cost to buy a full fare discount ticket.

One big disadvantage to pass travel is that you fly standby. This means that you only get on the flight if there is an empty seat. These days, there aren’t too many empty seats.

One big advantage to pass travel is that you can make a decision to go somewhere on a spur of the moment whim without having to bear the expense of a last minute ticket.

In the scheme of things, the pros and cons balance out. It’s part of why we do this job.

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