Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rainy Day Friend

I was hunkered in at a corner table in a coffee shop, drinking a vanilla latte and reading the paper. It was a drizzly day, the kind of day exactly suited for this activity. Never mind that I was on a layover in a dazzlingly vibrant city and that all my plans were now being rained out. None of that mattered, because the first things I learned as a fly girl were flexibility and resilience.

The rain forced others indoors as well, and soon the coffee shop was full of wet umbrellas and people. An attractive, casually dressed man approached and asked if he could share the table. Looking around, I realized that the coffee shop was indeed full, and that my squatter’s rights to the corner table would have to be forfeited in the name of sheer decency to other coffee drinkers.

Daniel joined me at the table, and after confessing to my status of a tourist, he told me all about himself, his city, and his career as an actor. I was a stranger in a strange land and eagerly drank in all his stories, mesmerized by his voice and the penetrating, yet kind, blue of his eyes. He warmed me more than the coffee.

He had an appointment, and I had dinner plans, and so after an hour we parted company. He was bright, witty, charming, fun, everything you could want in a new friend or lover. He gave me his email address and asked me to keep in touch, saying that he would enjoy getting together the next time that I was in town. As I went off to my dinner I was already writing the email in my mind.

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