Monday, May 01, 2006

Snoop Dogg & British Airways

People try to sneak into first class all the time.  There are a few different approaches: 

The "do you know who I am approach" in which the individual tries to impress the flight attendant with how important they are in the hopes of getting into first class.  Success rating:  1.

The "special needs" approach in which the passenger asserts some special needs (whether real, or imaginary) and needs a little extra room or space.  Success rating:  4.

The "bribery" approach where the passenger brings goodies to the flight attendants.  Dven if there is no room in first class, this technique will likely get you a free drink.  Success rating:  10.

And now, from London, we have a new technique:  storming the VIP Lounge.  This technique just isn't going to meet with much success, as evidenced by the Snoop Dogg/British Airways debacle. 

Three of the traveling group had first class tickets, but apparently felt that the remaining members of the group should join them in the VIP lounge.  While we must always be a little leery of celebrity gossip details, it appears that this much is known: 

  • Snoop Dogg and his entourage have been banned for life from British Airways.
  • Seven police officers were injured in the fray.
  • Snoop Dogg, along with five others, were arrested.
  • There was alcohol involved.

Say no more.

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Oberon said...

........what is the most important thing?

Melissa Petri said...

If you plan on using Snoop's technique, you need alcohol in your system and a big ego to match it.

Re: Bribery Approach. Hmmmm... Interesting. What kind of goodies would you suggest? Chocolates?

Fly Girl said...

A bag of chocolates that can be shared by the entire crew is always a welcome treat.

Just make sure that it is sealed, wrapped, etc. Unfortunattely this means no homemade goodies.

When I travel on a flight pass, I try to take goodies to the agents at the gate (who have the ability to help me out with seating), as well as for the flight attendants. Doesn't always work to get me a First Class upgrade, but it does help for other things like comped drinks, movies, and special treatment.

Melissa said...

great tip which i will definitely try!

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