Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jet Blue's Inflight Spa

What's not to like about flying red-eyes when you're treated like this?

Jet Blue has started giving out red-eye flyer kits that contain spa items from Bliss Spa.  Stuff in the kit includes, eye masks, earplugs, moisturizer, and lip balm, along with a promotional offer at the Bliss spas, located in New York City, London, and various W Hotels.

Also on the red-eye filghts, is Jet Blue's "Shut-Eye" service which features passenger access to a self-serve pantry filled with snacks and hot towels.  Of course, I'm wondering what the Flight Attendants' responsibility is during these flights.

I can't wait to check this out!

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Gary said...

"I'm wondering what the Flight Attendants' responsibility is during these flights."

"Flight attendants are here primarily for your safety." ;)

Fly Girl said...


Maybe I should have said, I wonder what the company requires of the flight attendants during this "self-serve" concept.

Phil said...

I presume it's to save pax who want to sleep from the clatter of organized beverage service. In practice, it seems pax will be climbing all over each other, chattering in the aisles, snapping the towels.

Fly Girl said...

Yeah, could be. I really like the concept -- but I'm unsure as to its application.

Where is the pantry? It seems like no one would want a seat nearby because it would become the noisiest part of the plane.

And I also wonder what this does to enforcement of the seatbelt issue. "Oh, I really have to get up now, I need some of those pretzels and maybe a cookie."

I'd love to hear from someone who has experienced the service and how it really works -- both the pros and cons.


Jay said...

i find that on 99% of my red-eyes everyone just clocks out and there is nothing to do....

Chris Breed said...

I just flew a Jet Blue Red Eye flight from Denver, CO to JFK and it was fantastic. I'm a huge fan of Jet Blue in the first place. Never having had to deal with a late or cancelled flight, friendly flight staff and clean comfortable jets. On the Red Eye flight I took last week they did indeed pass out a "Spa Kit" which was nothing amazing but it was nice and unexpected. It had several cute things in it that made the flight more relaxing. Before take off the stewardess handed out bottles of cold spring water. After take off they of course came around with the general beverage service and about 45 minutes before the flight landed they came around, said goodmorning, asked if you would like a newspaper, had a basket of fresh fruit, juices and muffins, and hot towels. I was delightfully amazed but this "budget airline". I fully recommend a Jet Blue Red Eye!