Monday, May 29, 2006

Clean, Crisp & Pressed

Sometimes when I get home from a trip, I look at my crispy starched, formerly white shirts, and wonder just what happened.

Is it really possible for me to have that many cans of soda explode down the front of me?  Did I spill that much stuff?  Am I really that much of a slob?

Unfortunately, at 40,000 feet, spills are inevitable.  It just goes with the job.

Fortunately, there are fabrics that are stain resistant, and treatments that can help repel stains.

Unfortunately, none of those have been incorporated into a uniform shirt or blouse.

Why is that?

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Flygirl said...

I've asked myself the same question!

marco_099 said...

Maybe it is an extra cost they don´t want to pay.
Que mal, saludos fly lady.

Fly Girl said...

It always comes down to money!

Glad to hear from you; it's been awhile.

marco_099 said...

Sorry, won´t happen again.
Viva la fiesta!

"omis" said...

Have you tried Oxyclean?

a-ralix said...

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Jay said...

I hear ya - I look at my shirts and wonder what mud hole I was dragged through.

I don't ever recall looking like such a slob before!

noorster said...

My winter (long-sleeved) uniform shirt always looked like a detergent ad after a day of work: spaghetti sauce and coffee on one cuff, red wine and tomato juice on the other.