Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Advertising on Airplane

Always looking for a way to make a buck, Brazilian airline TAM has started selling advertising on the tray tables.  In Europe, it's reported that carriers sell a variety of onboard advertising as well.

I guess if it works in subways, on buses, taxi cabs, etc., it could work on an airplane.

I just shudder to think where it could lead, though.


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Robert Konigsberg said...


(I wish had more to say, but you nailed it.)

Phil said...

I believe you see this on America West. And then there's the Psalm leaflet that Alaska puts on your tray with your silverware, equally irritating, IMHO. Neither, however, is as annoying as the spiel the FAs have to give for Skymall, or for the house Visa card on Alaska. The other stuff you can choose to read or not, but the audio announcements are unavoidable.

Traytable said...

I know it's been done, but Virgin Blue took this one step further, with the whole aircraft as a billboard.

Some carriers also advertise on the o/h lockers...

This one's nicknamed
"Gilette Jet"

And one promoting the State of Queensland

Fly Girl said...

Phil: I think the psalm is gone from Alaska. I haven't seen it for awhile, at least. I think when the trays and silverware went away, so did they.

I know what you mean about the Flight Attendant tele-marketing type of speech. It is so annoying. I think one reason that the airlines get them to do it, is because the f/a get money from the program. Sort of like a commission program. With salaries in the toilet, everyone is looking for a way to boost their income -- even if just by a little bit.

Tray -- Great photos! Thanks.

Joe said...

On Tiger Airways, almost everything you can think of has a Visa logo on it. Tray tables, overhead bins, napkins, seat pocket inserts, even the F/A shirts have an embroidered Visa logo on them.

Of course, they also make announcements about the Tiger Visa you can apply for, so there is *no* getting away from it.