Monday, August 28, 2006

Honoring Comair

Our job is always a little bit harder after a crash. Well, actually we don't call them crashes -- we call them incidents -- but you know what I mean.

Even though it may not be our airline, or even a city that we fly into, flight attendants have a sense of community with all those who do our job. What affects one, affects us all. It's a very tough day to be a flight attendant.

My tears, prayers, and good wishes go out to all the flight attendants at employees of Comair, as well as the family of those who perished in the crash.


Debbie said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all affected by this tragedy. From a pilot's wife

Fly Girl said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Debbie. We are all part of a larger flying community.

marco_099 said...

That´s terrible. Best wishes and prayers too. Vayan con Dios, un abrazo fraternal.