Saturday, July 29, 2006

Butts on the Plane

There are butts on my plane!

Not a commentary on the passengers, but on what they’re doing – smoking! Smint Air is stepping into the breach and offering smokers an option when it comes to travel.

Boy, I’d hate to work in that environment!


jay said...

I read about that a few weeks ago. I must confess that even though I smoke not sure I would want to either work on that flight or fly on that aircraft.

Well maybe if it was a really long flight....I mean a REALLY long flight!

Melissa Petri said...

It would probably be like working on a giant ashtray. And, for non-smokers, it would be like going to an "I'd like to have cancer" clinic.

Fly Girl said...

Yeah, it would be pretty awful!

I've been flying long enough to remember what it was like when there was a smoking section on the plane. Even if I wasn't working that section of the plane, I'd get off and my clothes and hair would just ooze the smell of smoke. I spent a lot more money on cleaning in those days!

Astroprof said...

I remember flying in the days of smoking sections. I always asked for non-smoking. However, when they put you only a row or two in front of the smokers, then it was as if you were right there with them.

marco_099 said...

Pobrecita, don´t lose u´r patience.
But it is understandable, it is so annoying that smell uaaagh.
Te mando un gran abrazo!