Sunday, January 29, 2006

Find a Courteous Seatmate with AirTroductions

I first read about AirTroductions on Steve Rubel's blog, Micro Persuasion.

Basically, the concept is to connect travelers.  As the website says: "Whether you're looking for a date in Los Angeles, a business networking partner in Tokyo, or just someone to share a cab from Kennedy to Midtown, look no further."

While I think that the initial idea may have been a new twist in the online dating concept, the service may also be a way to increase the odds that your seatmate on your next flight is not one of the boorish ones we've been discussing.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has given this a try.


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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Grenade

A friend's birthday is coming up, and, once again, I am in a quandry over selecting the perfect gift. 
Imagine my appreciation, then, to the Northwest Flight Attendant who helped to narrow down my search when she was arrested for attempting to bring home a birthday gift for her son -- a grenade.  The grenade was NOT active.  You can read all the details in a SunHerald article.
While I don't profess to remember everything that is on the TSA's list of prohibited items, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't forget that a grenade (or replica thereof) was a big No-No.
For now I'll just keep searching for other options for the perfect gift.
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Rerun: Barefoot on the Plane

You can go barefoot in the park, the backyard, on the beach, in the house, even in the steam room. But don’t ever, EVER go barefoot on the airplane!

I know that it’s tempting while you are sitting in your seat to slip off those uncomfortable shoes, and in limited circumstances it’s okay to do so. Here are the rules: No stinky feet (if in doubt, leave your shoes on). No holes in socks (if in doubt, leave your shoes on). Do not allow your bare or stocking clad feet to ever, EVER touch the floor of the airplane under any circumstances whatsoever.

The carpet on the airplane is a terrible, terrible thing. It has gone miles without a thorough cleaning, meaning miles of spilled food, vomit, soiled baby diapers, garbage, disgusting germs and other leave behinds from previous passengers. The airlines say that the carpet gets deep cleaned about once a month. I’ve yet to see evidence of that.

And what’s up with going into the lavatory without your shoes on? Barefoot, stocking foot, I don’t care. It’s disgusting! It’s like you’re saying that you haven’t had enough germs around your seating area, so you want to walk down the aisle collecting more as you go. Then, because you still haven’t had enough, you now step into the lavatory, and walk into the mess left there. Do you wonder why your feet or socks are wet after that? Keep this in mind: That’s not water on the floor in there; it’s someone’s bodily fluids!

Next time you travel, look around. Do you ever see flight attendants with their shoes off? Of course not! We keep our shoes on – and so should you.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Delta's Bankruptcy Uniforms

Airlines in bankruptcy want dramatic concessions from their employees and their vendors.  They want to re-negotiate deals, nullify contracts, and rearrange financing.  And, apparently, they want to provide their flight attendants with brand spanking new uniforms designed by Richard Tyler.
Claiming that they were looking for a "timeless elegance" in their new uniform, Delta refuses to acknowledge what the price tag is for this elegance.  Hopefully, someone who follows bankruptcy proceedings can get a handle on the actual cost. 
Uniforms are an expense for an airline as they must constantly be replaced.  We generally have a number of uniform pieces, i.e., a pair of pants and a couple skirts, or a dress and a couple pair of pants, blouses, etc. 
Our wear and tear on clothing is horrific, and I understand the budget line for uniform costs must be high.
However, the cost for rolling out a new uniform program must be exorbitant.  Every flight attendant must have all new uniform pieces. 
I looked at the pictures of the new uniform, and am not sure that I'd call the look timeless.  Dowdy or just plain ugly seems to fit better for me.  But I'll reserve judgment until I see them in person.
What do you think?  I'd especially love to hear from DL flight attendants.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Poll: Most Annoying Passenger Behavior

It seems that annoying passenger behavior is the hot topic this week. 
Here's your chance to chime in, by voting in the "Most Annoying" poll in the sidebar.  I've culled the past posts and comments to gather a fairly extensive list, but I've still left room for "Other."  If you do choose other, please take a moment to list your "most annoying" in the comment/discussion section of the poll.
I'll keep the poll open for a week, and then post results.

Looking for Help

What's the point of having your own blog, if you can't occasionally help out a friend.

Flight Attendant Gal Pal is looking for an intimate, yet cool, restaurant to take a Guy Pal to. Location: Greater Washington DC area ('burbs are okay, too). Vibe: Intimate, somewhat romantic (but NOT in that we're getting engaged kind of way), great food and service. Other info: ethnic cuisine preferred, but not mandatory; Guy Pal is a bit of a foodie, but not a snob about it; needs to be intimate enough to sit close and have good conversation; somewhere nice and somewhat upscale, but doesn't have to be a white linen tablecloth kind of place.

If you have any suggestions, please email them to me. To get to my email, just click on my profile and follow the link. I'm turning off comments for this post as I don't want it to turn out to be a restaurant advertisement.

Thanks for your help!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Flying Hot and Cold

I'm one of those people who is always cold.  Indoors, outdoors, and especially on a plane.
When I wear my uniform pants, I also have on heavy tights and a pair of silk underwear beneath them.  I'm not still warm enough.  Even when I'm up at moving around the cabin doing my service.  Still not warm enough.
So it was with great interest that I read "Hot Tips for Cold Fliers" on Tripso.  James Wysong, a former (and possibly current) flight attendant, lists a variety of ways to make sure passengers can keep warm on a flight.
His best tip, and the one that makes the most sense, is to be prepared by dressing warmly.  Like all clothing recommendations for cold weather, layering is key.
His worst tip is to demand heat.  If you've been following any of the posts, here or elsewhere, you know how vigorously the subject of airline etiquette is being discussed.  Hopefully, by now you've also realized that demanding anything is going to ensure that you are ignored.  Asking to have the heat turned up is perfectly reasonable.  Asking repeatedly, also reasonable.  Keep the demands for a true emergency.
Read all of James' tips and keep warm on your next flight.
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Airplane Etiquette

How interesting.  The New York Times runs an article about the lack of civility on flights shortly after we have a lively debate here about what is and isn't acceptable passenger behavior.  Wouldn't it be nice to think there was some relationship between the two?!

Take a read:  "Flying in a Snit."

I wish that I could say any of this surprises me.


Via Today in the Sky

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rerun: Get the Hint

A reader recently asked me if I would outline some specific behaviors that are annoying to flight attendants.
I've combed through my archives, and have found a few earlier posts that answer this questions square on.  So, just like your favorite television series re-runs a popular episode, I'll be re-running some of my previous posts over the next couple weeks.
Here's the first one, originally posted August 18th, 2005.

Here’s a hint: If you put your bag in the overhead compartment, and it sticks over the lip of the compartment, it’s not going to close. If it doesn’t close, it’s not going to be able to stay that way. So do everyone a favor, and make sure your bag fits before you sit down. Everyone will appreciate it.

And while we're at it, here’s some other hints:

We really do need you to put your seatbelt on. We don’t say this to harass you, it’s our job. The FAA makes us. We don’t want to get a personal fine or get fired for not doing our job. So just buckle up. It will make life easier for both of us.

Turn the damn cell phone off. You’re not that important! It really can wait till you get to your destination. Besides that, we're not going anywhere until you do.

If you are a person of size, please ask us for a seatbelt extension. Don’t pretend like you’re buckled in. We have to make sure that you are, so when we look, it’s just as embarrassing for us to look at your fat body as it is for you. Help us out here and make everyone a little more comfortable: ask for an extension.

When we come through the cabin with the beverage cart, it might be a good time to start thinking about what you’d like to drink. The beverage cart is the big 300 pound thing that we are struggling to push down the aisle. It takes us a long time. When we get to your row you need to be ready to answer the question of the day: What would you like to drink? Please don’t ask us what we have, because we know that you don’t really care. Just tell us what you want. We’ll let you know if we don’t have it. And for goodness sake, if you’re wearing those sound elimination headsets, take the damn things off. You can’t hear us, and we just get annoyed that you don’t realize that there’s a 300 pound cart parked right by you, and that you don’t understand we are talking to you. We are. Yes, we are talking to YOU!

If the answer to the beverage question is coffee, we’ll give it to you. Gladly. And then we’ll move on. If you want cream, sugar, and/or sweetener, just tell us when you order your coffee. We’ll give it to you. Gladly. But it really pisses us off if you wait till we’re two rows away and you wait till then to let us know.

There are other things that really annoy us. But that’s another post on another day.


Saturday, January 21, 2006

How My Brain Works

So this is how my brain works ----

Your Brain's Pattern
Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.
What Pattern Is Your Brain?

Embracing controversy

I received a couple of emails from friends wondering why I wanted to stir up a little controversy yesterday with my post.

After thinking about it for a bit, I realized that there really isn't a good answer. Sometimes I just like to generate a little lively discussion. I learn a lot from hearing other's views, and I'd like to think that maybe someone will learn something from mine.  It's not about setting out to change anyone's mind; it's about being willing to talk about "hot" topics.

I've never found much sense in the idea that if someone doesn't like something they should leave. I've never been one to runaway from a fight (and I'm using that term figuratively here).
To me, it's about character -- standing up for what one believes in, acknowledging and accepting differences, being willing to be an agent for change, questioning and challenging the status quo in the belief that the world is stronger and better for it. 
Whether it's about my industry in specific, or the world of business, politics, or relationships in general, I don't want to stand on the sidelines watching the world go by.  I'm going to be in the fray.
"You may say I'm a dreamer. . . . "  (John Lennon)
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Paying My Salary or Subsidizing Your Travel

When I was first hired as a flight attendant, one of the things that I always kept in the back of my mind was that the passengers were paying my salary.
While that didn't justify outright abuse, and I set firm boundaries about what was and wasn't acceptable passenger behavior, it did help me overlook the little annoyances.  I smiled at some of the complaints, and listened without rolling my eyes.  I never took blame for something that wasn't of my own doing, but I was more than willing to take responsibility to find a solution to a problem.  Passengers, no matter how tedious, annoying or simply wrong, were paying my salary.
The times have been a changin' though!
While I still smile and try to help solve a problem, I no longer have the "customer is always right" point of view.  Sometimes they are simply wrong.  They have unrealistic expectations of air travel.  They want something for nothing.  Outrageously bad behavior will not be tolerated.  Drunks are dealt with quickly and firmly.
Flight Attendants are often blamed for problems out of our control.  We have less and less resources available to us to help solve a problem.  The tightening of rules and regulations in our work environment means that we no longer can help in ways that we might have been able to in days past. 
In fact, I also don't think of the passenger as paying my salary any longer. 
The airline executives have chosen to deeply discount fares to a dangerous level, and have slashed employee salaries to subsidize it.  That's a business choice.  We have to live with it.
But think of it this way (and this won't be popular with a lot of people):  Try being nice to your flight attendants.  They took pay cuts to subsidize your travel.
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Registered Traveler Program

After hearing about it for a few months now, it looks like the Registered Traveler program is getting ready to launch.

Today in the Sky, a USA Today blog, reports that the program will debut on June 20th.

Already controversial, the program will allow registered travelers (who have paid a fee and submitted to a variety of background and security checks) to forego certain security processes.  Not the metal detector and screening, of course, but travelers will be able to avoid removing coats and shoes.  It is also rumored that laptops will not need to be removed from bags going through the screen.

Now, my questions is a personal one.  Since crew members have already gone through this background check and security clearance will we be given that same courtesy?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Podcast Questions

Thanks to everyone who's written after listening to the podcast.  Here's what everyone seems to be asking about:
Yes, it was fun. 
Yes, I was nervous.
Yes, I probably am available for other interviews.  Just contact me via email and we'll see what we can work out.
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Monday, January 16, 2006

Fly Girl Podcast

My friends over at Inflight HQ (one of my favorite travel blogs) have now posted a an interview that I did with them last week.
It was my first podcast, but Teresa made it fun, even though I was still a little nervous. 
Check it out, and while your at it take a look at their archives.  They have some great information.

Pizza Delay

Today was a day full of delays.  It started out badly, and it never got any better.
The first flight was plagued with a mechanical of unspecified origin.  The first thought was that it could be fixed rather quickly, and we'd be on our way with a minimum of delay.  Most likely something that would be made up during the actual flight.
We weren't that lucky.
In the middle of the boarding process, things went awry.  Not sure the mechanical explanation for it, all I know is that it meant we weren't going anywhere.  For a rather long time.
Since we already had boarded a couple of passengers, the flight attendants weren't allowed to get off the plane.  The captain and first officer left, either to take care of paper work or because they had a better offer.  We asked the passengers if they'd like to deplane and go back into the terminal.  They said no.  So there we were.  Stuck on the plane, facing a now rather lengthy delay, no food, no ability to get off and get food, and no idea of when the problem would get resolved.
And so, the clock keeps ticking. . . ticking. . . .
Once again, we asked our two passengers if they'd like to get off.  We encouraged them, explained that we had no food, urged strongly.  But no luck.  They liked remaining onboard.  Never mind that the crew's access to food was now cut off as we couldn't get off.  Never mind that we weren't getting paid for the delay (we only get paid for flight time).  Never mind that our stomachs were grumbling and our tempers getting shorts, we're happy to provide a lounge for you to relax in.
And the clock keeps ticking. . . ticking. . . .
Nearly three hours later the issue is resolved.  The passengers started boarding, and we kept our fingers crossed that we would be underway within a half hour.  We were tired and hungry.
But a very big THANK YOU to the couple who brought a pizza to the crew.  We hadn't had any food, and had no prospects of getting any.  When we talked to them, they said they when they ordered a pizza for themselves, they though of us and ordered an extra one.
Your thoughtfulness in thinking of us was greatly appreciated.  I'm often asked how passengers can ingratiate themselves to the crew.  I've always said that it's about treating us, and all people, with basic courtesy.  The pizza was a classic example.
Bob and Helen --- thank you!
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Sunday, January 15, 2006

What's Your Favorite Travel Blog?

I'm getting ready to update my side bar and include some more of my favorite travel blogs.  If you have one you'd like to recommend, please let me know.  I'm hoping to review all of them and make the site changes later this week.
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Favorite Airline Poll Results

OTHER was the runaway favorite airline in this past week's unscientific poll.

From feedback I've received, this seems to be because the airlines listed were all U.S. carriers.  I apologize for not thinking to include many of the fine international airlines.  It was a good wake-up call to think a little more globally.

Full results follow:

Other - 28%

Southwest - 17%

United - 10%

Delta - 9%

Continental - 9%

Jet Blue - 8%

American - 6%

Alaska - 6%

Northwest - 3%

US Airways/America West - 2%


Thanks for voting.  Look for another poll coming soon!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Favorite Airline Poll Closing

I'll be closing the Favorite Airline poll tonight.  So if you haven't voted yet, go to the sidebar and vote now.

Friday, January 13, 2006

That Man in First Class

Sometimes, I wish I had a camera with me when I was working.  That way, I could take pictures of famous people doing stupid things, or looking ridiculous, and sell them to the Enquirer, allowing me to then retire to my villa in Tuscany.
Yesterday was one of those days.
A well-known individual from the sports industry was on my flight, sitting in First Class.  He was well-groomed, dresssed well, and many people would find him to be quite handsome.
His personal demeanor, however, was that of a prima donna.  While I expected this, I didn't expect that he would be quite so abrasive and rough around the edges.  He seemed to offend most of the people around him -- and that was before we closed the door and took off.  It just got better and better from there.
The high point was when I noticed that he had removed his coat, sweater and shirt, and was sitting in the cabin in his grubby wife-beater t-shirt.  I shouldn't have to say it, but here goes:  This is not a good look for a guy.  Especially not in public. 
As I walked through the cabin, trying to provide good service to everyone, my inner-voice flight attendant was screaming "NO CLASS!"  I smiled and was gracious, however, but I wondered how much the Enquirer would pay for that kind of photo. 
And what does a villa in Tuscany cost?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

5 Weird Things About Me

I got tagged for this weird meme by Astroprof.  I don't mean that the meme is weird.  The topic of the meme is five weird things about yourself.  I don't usually answer these, but Astroprof is a heck of a nice guy, so this one's for him.
Five Weird Things About Me (weird defined in a VERY broad sense):
  1. I'm afraid of heights, yet work at 40,000 feet.
  2. I can still remember all of the phone numbers that I've had, going all the way back to childhood.
  3. I don't have a middle name.
  4. During my entire time in elementary school, I never missed a word on my spelling tests.
  5. I blog anonymously.  I mean, how weird is that!

I'm not tagging anyone else, so this ends here.


Some Day

Last night was a casual dinner with a neighbor.

She's an excellent cook, and went all out with an Asian buffet. Delish! My contribution was the beer and the fortune cookies.

Over a leisurely meal we moaned and groaned about our respective jobs, co-workers, and the problems that we face in balancing all the competing issues in our lives. We talked about our dreams and goals, and where each of us plans to go on our vacations this year.

I noted that the words "some day" kept creeping into the conversation. "Some day I'm going to start that book I've been talking about." "Some day I'm going to take a day off in the middle of the week and go to a spa for a day of pampering." "Some day I'm just going to say NO to all the projects that I'm asked to take on."

We talked about whether this is a common musing for men as well as women. Then we swore that we would be careful about not putting things off too long -- to a "some day" that never comes.

We cracked open the fortune cookies as I was about to leave. Imagine my surpise to read mine:

Is the world trying to tell me something?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Questions & Answers

It's been awhile since I've done any questions and answers, so today seemed like a good day to go through my email box and try to get to some of them.
When you have to fly all night long, where do you sleep?  Do you sleep at all?
We are not permitted to sleep while we are on duty.  It is an offense for which would be fired.  We can't even look like we are sleeping.
Don't you get stress easily after being in a plane all day?
Like any job, we have good days and bad days.  I've had other jobs before flying and think I'm able to compare the stresses of both situations.  I much prefer flying.
What do you do when you're not flying?
I travel for pleasure.  I enjoy music and movies.  I do typical girl stuff:  shopping, reading chick-lit and hanging out with my friends.  Just the normal kind of stuff.
What color hair do you have?
What do you like best about being a flight attendant?
For me, the best part of the job is that every day is different.  Different trips, different passengers, different cities, different crew members.  I can escape to warm weather in the winter, and cooler weather in the summer.  I don't take my work home with me (well, except for this blog).  I work a schedule that leaves me free to enjoy other intellectual and personal interests.
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Dinner Interruptions

Yesterday, toward the end of a particularly long flight, another flight attendant and I were in the galley FINALLY getting a chance to eat our dinner. 
Our crew meals aren't any great shakes, but it had been a long day on the airplane, we had gone through all the healthy snacks that we typically bring, and we were starving.
During the flight we had already served a meal, two beverage services, and an additional time through the cabin with coffee.  Most passengers had settled in, sleeping, reading, or otherwise occupying themselves.
Just as we sat down on the jumpseat, a passenger came back to the galley, stepped in front of where we were sitting to eat, and said:  "I don't mean to interrupt your dinner, but. . . ."
". . . but you're going to, aren't you?" I silently finished.  Ten minutes later I finally got back to my dinner.
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Vote for Your Favorite Airline

In doing a little blog maintenance today, I discovered how to create a poll.
I'm not sure that I'll make it a regular feature, but thought it might be a good way to start off the New Year.  If you navigate over to the side bar, you'll find the poll just above archived posts. 
Cast your vote for your favorite airline.  I know that sometimes favorites change as frequently as the seasons, so make this vote who you would prefer to fly on today.
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Dinner Reservations

Usually, dinner on a layover is something simple and relatively inexpensive.  We generally try to get away from the hotel, as many of our layover hotels have over-priced and under-yummy coffee shops.
In many cities, I have my favorites.  Occasionally, however, I want something different; to break out of my food rut.  When this happens, I often consult Open Table. 
Open Table is a free reservation service for over 4,000 restaurants in both the U.S. and around the world.  The restaurants listed range from casual to formal dining, all price ranges and locations.  The listings include information about the restaurants, and a link to the website, if available.  There is a rewards program for frequent users.
I first started using the service for cities that I was unfamiliar with, but now I find that I use it just as much in my home city.  I've never had a problem using the service, nor with how I've been treated at the restaurants they use.  I've used the service for some special occasions, noting so in the comment section of the reservation form.  The restaurants have gone all out to make sure that the occasion was truly special.
Open Table is a service that I use and am happy to recommend.

Snow Vacation

Everyone has a different definition of what would be a great vacation.

For some people, it's staying home and getting all those projects done around the house. For other, it's a wild weekend is Las Vegas, a cruise, laying on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or enjoying cultural events.

For Astroprof, however, it's all about the snow. And I think he went to one of the few places in the U.S. that has LOTS of snow. Here are a couple of photos from his recent winter vacation:

The first photo, taken at Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado, shows lots of snow and some sleighs. Astroprof said they took a ride and roasted marshmallows around a camp fire. Sounds very romantic to me!

Now, this second photo still amazes me -- and I've been looking at it for awhile. It shows Astroprof at the Continental Divide at Berthoud Pass (Colorado). It's over two miles high, 15 degrees (Fahrenheit), and windy. Just looking at how bundled up he is makes me cold! A little geography reminder for those who may have forgotten: The continental divide marks the place where water flows either into the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean, depending on which side of the divide you are on.

Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Back to work now!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Watch Me Change

Today I seem to be having a bit of a problem with adult ADD.
There are so many things that I should be doing:  cleaning the house, laundry, packing for my next flight, paying bills, going to the post office.  Well, I think you probably get the idea.
But I haven't been able to channel my energies and get focused.  Instead, I've been talking on the phone with friends and playing games on the computer.
Thanks to a dear reader who sent me to this Gap site to play around with the animated strip show.  I've changed outfits a couple of times now, and it's been occupying way too much of my time.
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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What's for Dinner Tonight?

I'm home from a very long day of flying.  It wasn't supposed to be so long, but mechanicals happen.
Now, I'm hungry.  Starving, to be exact.  And after looking in my refrigerator and cupboards, I haven't a clue about what to fix.  I have all the staples, and a refrigerator with tons of left overs.  So why is it so difficult to decide what to fix?
You enter the ingredients that you have in the house into their lists, and voila!  Out come ideas and recipes.  This is perfect for when the gourmet cooking juices aren't flowing, or when you're in a rut about the stuff that you've been eating.  Or, when you've put in a long day at work and are so tired that you can't think straight, but now that you have to eat --- and soon!
These aren't gourmet dishes by any means, but they are simple.  And that's exactly what I needed to decide what to have for dinner tonight:  Chicken Casserole with Bacon and Mushrooms.
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Monday, January 02, 2006

Independence Air Will Cease to Operate

It looks like one of my predictions for the year is destined to occur before the week is out:

D.C.-based, low cost carrier, Independence Air, announced today that is will cease operations on Thursday, January 5th.  The last flight will be #1777 from Westchester County to Washington-Dulles, departing Thursday at 7:26 pm.

The failure of Independence Air to emerge from bankruptcy is, unfortunately, not surprising.  I just thought it would take a little longer.

Passengers who disregarded the impending doom of Independence, and are holding tickets for travel after January 5th, have a couple of options.  These range from changing plans to travel before cessation of operations, or hope that the bankruptcy court approves a plan allowing for an automatic refund of the ticket price.  After that, it's a matter of standing in line with the other creditors.

There are lessons to be learned from the Independence business model.  The question remains, will anyone get it?


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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Since it seems to be a rule that you must make resolutions and share them with everyone, here are mine:
  • Appreciate and enjoy the love and friendship of the people closest to me.  Life is all about relationships, and I'm blessed to have some wonderful people around me.
  • Add more variety into my workoutsI like what I do, but know that I will reap more benefits, and be less bored, if I look for ways to invigorate the routine.
  • Visit at least two states that I have not been to.  Part of my continuing quest to visit all 50 states.
  • Blog more regularly, and with more quality.  I'd like to see the number of visits increase by 10% each month during 2006.
  • Learn a new skillI've always believed that if you're not learning and growing, you're just dying a slow death.  I'm not sure what skill I want to tackle:  learning a new language, trying something creative, or maybe just mastering a few advanced computer skills.
What are your resolutions?
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6 Airline Predictions for 2006

What I think we'll see in 2006:
  • Reduction in flights to smaller citiesSadly, it's no longer going to be possible for airlines to provide service at such a loss.  I think we'll see first a reduction in the number of flights, and then total elimination of service.
  • An increase in the add-on fees to the price of a ticket.  Advertisements will continue to tout the "low-cost" ticket prices, but when you look at the add-on fees, that low-cost is just not going to materialize.
  • More airlines charging for inflight food and beverageWhat was once complimentary is no more.  Those that haven't eliminated food all together, will start charging for it, and I expect to see more airlines following the example of charging for a Coke.
  • More airlines filing for bankruptcy.  With so many carriers in bankruptcy already, it's hard to believe that there's room for any more.  But there is.  And we'll see it.
  • At least one airline will not survive the bankruptcy wars.  The most likely candidate at this point is Independence Air, but there are others whose hold on solvency is just as tenuous.
  • An airline success model will evolve.  The successful carrier will be one that provides its employees with a strong compensation/benefit package, charges ticket prices commensurate with what it costs to do business, operates in a strongly ethical manner, and is proud to brag about the way they do business.  (OK, so maybe this last one is just a dream!)
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